Facial Gymnastics lessons in english via Skype

Skype is a very popular app. that allows free video calls between users who have it on computer or tablet.
It is free to download. To use it, your computer must have a good internet connection, a web cam and a microphone. In this way, facial gymnastics lessons become very easy to follow, wherever you are, with the advantage that you can choose the time, even at night, and can save money: a 50 minutes session of Visotonic costs 45 Euros, payable via Paypal or bank transfer in advance.
There is also another advantage: Skype allows you to see both the teacher and yourself on-screen, allowing you to check your movements as if you were looking in a mirror. 

How to do it: 
- The web cam on your tablet or computer must have a good resolution and allow a good view of the other person's face (smartphone image is too small). You can buy additional webcam and microphone for cheap.
-Download the Skype app. For info: www.microsoft.com/skype/
- Add to your Skype contacts Loredana de Michelis - 
- Send an email to visotonic@gmail.com to arrange a preliminary 15 minutes free interview, in order to verify the possibility of connecting and to get know each other.

Loredana de Michelis